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Energy Monitoring and Management using IoT


The customer is a quickly developing US-based company* in the vitality the board and capacity division. The organization designed cutting edge equipment — a shrewd box introduced close to a standard electrical switch board. The framework empowers responsive administration of the family’s capacity utilization, stockpiling and evaluating. It gives extraordinary perceivability and power over the family’s vitality use and encourages the appropriation of renewables.

Our job

Since 2017, Digiteum has been taking a shot at the customer’s IoT vitality checking stage as a committed advancement group. The group was allocated to configuration, actualize and upgrade the stage’s usefulness and assemble applications for various end-clients.

What we did

Since the start of this organization, Digiteum group has created and designed a scope of programming and middleware apparatuses and IoT framework answers for the customer’s Internet of Things and vitality utilization the board framework.

Appropriated adaptable foundation which permits to catch, store, measure and break down tangible information and guarantee its security and consistency.

Information examination and representation instruments to furnish end-clients with recognizability for vitality utilization experiences and drifts and investigate measurements and telemetry.

Profoundly viable, testable and autonomously deployable Golang backend to deal with equipment activities, numerous client jobs and empower dependable availability between all framework parts.

Locally accumulated crossplatfom portable and web applications and unbelievably quick delivering for end-clients to screen and distantly control power use and loads, evaluating, sun based force creation and vitality stockpiling.

Nonstop Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines for solid and testable delivery measure the executives and microservices arrangement.


Today, the customer’s framework stands apart among other IoT ventures on vitality protection and the executives and is perceived by various driving organizations in the environmentally friendly power vitality division, including huge sun based and vitality stockpiling players. During the previous scarcely any years, the framework has changed from a home force the executives framework to a complex decentralized matrix biological system accessible for each householder at a moderate cost. A blend of brilliant equipment and programming arrangements, presently it permits families not exclusively to set aside cash by straightforward circuits the board. The framework goes about as a main issue for correspondence between various vitality modules, for example, PV, stockpiling and approaching force, and advances their exhibition.

About IoT vitality observing framework

Vitality the executives stage is an extraordinary case of utilizing Internet of Things for vitality checking and the board. This arrangement changes the manner in which individuals and organizations use and control power, electrical gadgets, loads and force stockpiling. It comprises of a brilliant equipment, programming and information apparatuses. When outfitted with this framework, a house, place of business or some other office transforms into a shrewd space with a rich arrangement of highlights and abilities for influence utilization checking and control. Among them:

  • Electric circuit the executives and controller, distinguishing potential oddities,
  • Constant investigation and perception of intensity utilization telemetry, prescient estimation of power cost utilizing the interest based methodology,
  • Remarkable off-lattice involvement in quick blackout discovery, ongoing giving an account of framework activity and pop-up messages sent legitimately on the client’s cell phone, whole house back-up with dynamic burden the board — clients select and keep the most significant force benefits from on account of intensity blackout, enhanced establishment and execution of intensity stockpiling and sunlight based boards.

Shrewd homes and keen structures

Family units and the occupants of brilliant structures get different advantages from utilizing the customer’s IoT power checking and the executives framework. Aside from responsive power over power dispersion, utilization, burden and cost, the framework gives instruments to more secure, all the more naturally cordial and less inefficient vitality use.

Among different advantages are prescient cost count, use bits of knowledge, computerized vitality utilization systems and an entire home reinforcement when matched with a capacity framework. Truth be told, the customer’s foundation is professed to set aside to $10k on a home stockpiling establishment and help bamboozle in-house sun based creation.

On head of all, in spite of its multifaceted nature and stacked usefulness, the framework is anything but difficult to introduce and design utilizing an instinctive versatile application in a matter of taps and works reliably both in on the web and disconnected modes.

Power providers and utilities

Service organizations and power providers deal with their assets and significant bits of knowledge to settle on information driven business choices. Utilizing the rich highlights of IoT and influence utilization telemetry, they can screen and control vitality flexibly progressively, decide vitality use patterns and screen loads, create dynamic utility plans and assemble educational perceptions and announcing.

Development organizations

Development organizations can introduce the customer’s IoT vitality the executives stage in new structures making them more astute, greener and more secure as far as power use and diminishing the expense of development and support. The framework will give the future inhabitants an all set answer for upgrading power utilization and estimating.

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