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The Ideal Home Computing Environment

COVID19 changed the world a lot. Most important among them is “REMOTE WORKING” or Work from Home. Due to these working styles a lot studies conducted and still in process to understand the changing human’s behavior towards their work. Although companies are, achieving a good cutting edge in costs and productivity of individual is increased but with this, some important things are important to understand and practice.  

The ideal set-up for home computer; it is an environment constantly striving toward and have not yet found, although each change for the development of your personal computing at home brings things some like it and some want to avoid it. The goal is maximum efficiency; little time lost searching for things and a healthy atmosphere to work from home.  

So far, the best home office looks like this: 

  • Since posture, back pain and repetitive injuries are hazards when computing at home use a comfortable chair that you feel it is comfortable and just not written on the advertisement  
  • Your prime tool keyboard must be at elbow level, so you can have a good eye contact with the main display and can maintain easy typing for long 
  • The display must be at eye level we all know that, but important is font size and background that must be large enough to read without fatigue 
  • Try to limit computer use not more than one hour without a break. For initial start using a timer and commit to stop when it rings. Take a walk in the room and get back to seat. 
  • For your feet comfort use a slipper, if your feet tired early use a cardboard box under your table, so you can change gesture. 
  • Keep the mouse within reach with a free chord. Neck and arm pain were caused when constantly stretching to use the mouse. 
  • Use bulletin board on the wall in front of your desk where you can see them whenever you need a glance. Put your personal information that you use frequently, your goals sheet, daily schedules, website objectives, some mind maps, and any other thing that need to keep you on track. 
  • Use filling cabinet close to your desk, housing only files, software, and equipment that use on a regular basis. 
  •  Carousel with pens, stapler, and other office supplies must be organized in a manner that they do not waste your time. 

To the right of your computer you can place you gadgets. In order to protect them from kids keep them at a higher position and in acceptable range.  

Beside this, keep a couch or mattress in your room just in case you need to relax for a longer period, take a nap.  

Make sure your background is filled with things that can express who are you and what you do for video calling. A cupboard with book or some good posters of your work.  

If you are using a multiple display setup for your work, try to use LCDs of same specs and resolution. Your things can be separated on them easily but during a search of the required file it took a while long. So arrange your tabs in a manner it do not consume your energy. 

These tips are being in use of many people around the world commotion the job done in time and with efficiency. If you are practicing something else, that is not known to a lot of people share in comment with your name and organization name. We will use that information in some other blog. 

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